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Galvanizing Service

We are offering here the Galvanizing Service of various types that are used for Galvanizing that is one of the most widely used to methods for protecting metal from corrosion. It involves applying a thin coating of zinc to a thicker base metal, helping to shield it from the surrounding environment. The service is provided by companies that maintain a melted zinc bath (some very large) in which steel parts can be dipped causing a layer of zinc to wet the metal surface and adhere after cooling and solidifying. The benefit of this compared to zinc electroplating is a much thicker zinc layer for a lot less money. The offered Galvanizing Service is the coating of steel or iron with zinc. It is a one-time process, ensuring maintenance-free use, long service life and virtually eliminating disruptive maintenance. Galvanizing is widespread because it is one of the most excellent techniques to shield metal and steel from corrosion. Here, the base metal is immersed in a bath of zinc. Galvanizing, as it relates to metal bonds a layer of zinc to iron or steel. Zinc corrodes very slowly so it provides a barrier that protects the underlaying metal from oxidation. It also provides Cathodic protection. The zinc acts as a sacrificial corrosion protection coating. The Galvanizing Service is offered by us that is suitable for use in the various industries.

General Fabrication

  • Supply Ability:2000 Per Week
Price: 65000 INR/Metric Ton

Hot Dip Galvanizing Service

  • Supply Ability:2000 Per Week
Price: 19 INR/Metric Ton

Heavy Fabrication Services

  • Supply Ability:2000 Per Week
Price: 18 INR/Metric Ton

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